Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aid repairs can be a difficult thing to deal with on your own.
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Hearing Aid Repairs at Ultimate Hearing TN

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We provide all our customers with follow-up care. In order to adjust to your new hearing aids it is very important to continue to visit your hearing care professional until you are completely satisfied and comfortable.

Hearing aids are delicate instruments and over time, may require repair. Having your hearing aids serviced by a hearing care professional is the best way to maintain them. A certified technician will be able to tell if your aids need repair or cleaning, or if they are damaged and not functioning correctly. If you feel that your hearing aid is not performing correctly, contact your hearing care professional right away to schedule a service appointment.

Your FEI hearing aid is designed to last for years. But every once in a while, something may happen and the hearing aid will need a repair. With proper care and use, this should not happen often.

One of the first things to do if your hearing aid is not working properly is to try turning it on and off again. Sometimes this is all that is needed for a hearing aid to function correctly. If you find that one of the hearing aids does not work, or that the battery door is open, there are steps to take in order to repair your hearing aids.

As a hearing healthcare provider, we are committed to helping you maintain a healthy and fulfilling life through the use of hearing aids. When you leave the office with new hearing aids, we want to make sure that those devices fit your lifestyle and are accessible whenever you need them.

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Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Evaluation

There are many steps that are part of a hearing aid evaluation. If you suspect that you might need a hearing aid, you will first need to have a hearing evaluation.


Hearing Aid Fitting

Once you have selected your hearing aids after an evaluation and assessment of your needs, your audiologist will verify that the hearing aids are providing the correct amount of amplification to meet your lifestyle.


Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids have small working parts, and it is not uncommon for these hearing devices to need repairing. Let our Hearing Aid technicians help you problem solve your digital hearing aids



Here at Ultimate Hearing, we believe everyone should have the ability to regain their hearing. Our plans offer a wide variety of payment options for your convenience that allows you to pay off your hearing aids monthly.