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Hearing loss can be very frustrating, many times as much for family and friends as it is for the person with the hearing impairment. The gift of hearing allows us to enjoy everyday sounds such as birds chirping or children playing without straining to hear or decipher what was actually heard. Over time hearing loss can affect everyday life in many situations.

Frustration can build and people can actually start to withdraw from experiences that were once very important to them due to difficulty in hearing. Sometimes the person doesn’t realize that it is their hearing problem that is causing them to avoid these important events because they don’t realize they have a loss. This is why it is so important for everyone to get their hearing checked annually. Even if you feel you are hearing at a normal level, at least you will have a hearing threshold baseline to compare to in the future when the normal aging process begins in your ears.

With this in mind, please encourage your friends and family to take the first step and call Ultimate Hearing to schedule your free test today!

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